Costume Fabrication: Design, fabrication and maintenance of high-end character costume elements. Including experience in fitting and tailoring to specific actor requirements.

Propmaking: Bespoke object design and creation: reproductions, modifications and duplication. Including breakaway and soft/stunt object production.

Sculpting: Experience in hand sculpting large scale characters and architectural set pieces along with sculpting for costume eg; wax cast jewellery or armour elements

Conceptual Drawing: Technical and conceptual drawing skills related to the manufacturing of objects and environments including Narrative Storyboarding, Character Design, General Illustration, Costume Illustration

Prototyping: Design and construction of prototype objects from drawings, Including sculpting marquettes for visualizing and scaling applications.

Materials Technology: Wide knowledge of modern plastics, metals and other materials and their related manufacturing techniques and processes including MMA, MIG & TIG welding, soldering and brazing, mill & lathe.

Standby Props: Broad on set experience including:  On set etiquette, the delivery, operation and maintenance of specialty and costume related props for feature film, commercials and television production.



Elementary Mandarin, Kunming College of Eastern Language (Kunming, China) 2007

Bachelor of Design ( Industrial ) R.M.I.T University (Melbourne, Australia) 1996

Advanced Certificate  ( Art and Design ) R.M.I.T Tafe College (Melbourne Australia) 1993



Set Dresser - "Godzilla vs Kong"  (Feature Film) , Apex Productions / Paramount Pictures (Village Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast , Australia) 2019,  Contact: Richard Hobbs

Specialty Costume Manufacturer / Standby Costume - "Dora The Explorer"  (Feature Film) , Springy Productions (Village Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast , Australia) 2018,  Contact: Mel Dykes

Animatronic Creature Technician / Puppeteer - "Legend of Sun and Moon"  (Feature Film) , JMB FX Studio (Village Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast , Australia) 2018,  Contact: Jason Baird (JMBFX)

Specialty Costume / Engineer - "Aquaman"  (Feature Film) , Ahab (Village Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast , Australia) 2017,  Contact: Justin Raleigh - Head of Makeup FX Department (Fractured FX)

Graffiti Artist (Casual) -  "Pacific Rim: Uprising"  (Feature Film) , Maelstrom (Sydney, Australia) 2016,  Contact: Tom Nursey - Art Director

Leading Hand-  "Peter Rabbit"  (Feature Film) , PR Productions (Sydney, Australia) 2016,  Contact: Pete Wyborn - Head of Prop Manufacturing

Prop Foreman -  "Alien : Covenant"  (Feature Film) , Fox Film # 3 (Sydney, Australia) 2016,  Contact: Pete Wyborn - Head of Prop Manufacturing , Contact: Charlie Revai - Art Director.    

Head Sculptor - "Game of Thrones" / Foxtel Promotions Australia, Gorilla Constructions / Foxtel (Sydney Opera house , Australia.) 2015, Contact: Mitch Alcorn.          

Industrial Costume Manufacturer - "Gods Of Egypt" (Feature film) Pyramania Pty ltd  ( Fox Studios, Sydney, Australia.) 2014 Contact: Costume Dept Co-ordinators: Mel Dykes / Burt Burless

Prosthetic Effects Technical Director - "Death In Bloom" (Short Film) Rabbit Content (Sydney, Australia.) 2014, Contact: Director Dael Oates   Producer: Jonas Mc Lelan

Scenic Artist - "Catching Milat" (TV Mini Series) Catching Milat Pty Ltd (Sydney, Australia.) 2014, Contact: Art Department Co-ordinator: Daniel Willis

Salvage Artist - "Mad Max Fury Road" (Feature Film) Kennedy Miller Mitchell (Matraville / Fox, Sydney, Australia.) 2013 Contact: Production Designer: Colin Gibson    

Stop-motion Technical Director - Kmart Living (TVC)  Rabbit Content (Sydney, Australia.) 2013 Contact: Director Dael Oates   Producer: Lucas Jenner

Salvage Artist - “Mad Max Fury Road” (Feature Film) (African Shoot) Moonlighting Films + KMMO (Africa, Namibia + South Africa) 2012 Contact: Production Designer: Colin Gibson

Motorbike Dept - “Mad Max Fury Road” (Feature Film) (Australian Pre-production) Kennedy Miller Mitchell (Alexandria, Sydney, Australia.) 2011,Contact: Production Designer: Colin Gibson

Lead Modelmaker / Sculptor - “The Great Gatsby” (Feature Film)  Bazmark III (Fox Studios, Sydney, Australia) 2011 Contact: Modelshop Foreman: Pete Wyborn

Production Designer / VFX Director - Son Of Kick – Playing the Villain (Music Video) Revolver Films (Sydney, Australia.) 2011 ,  Contact: Director: Matt Devine. Producer: Alex Kember

Key Standby Props - Home & Away (TV Series) Channel 7 (Sydney, Australia) 2011 , Contact: Art Director: Marianne Evans

Set Carpenter - Crusty Demons Australian Tour 2010 (Live Show) Crusty Demons Australia (National Tour, Australia 2010 Contact: Production Foreman: Colin Skals

Motorbike Salvage Artist - “Mad Max – Fury Road” (Australia) Kennedy Miller Mitchell (Villawood + Broken Hill, Australia.) 2010 Contact: Production Designer: Colin Gibson

VFX Designer / Prosthetics - Romance was born (Short Film)  Revolver Films (Sydney, Australia) 2010 Contact: Director: Kris Moyes Producer: Alex Kember

Propmaker - Underbelly (Series 3) (TV Series) Screentime Productions (Sydney, Australia) 2009 Contact: Art Director: Amanda Sallybanks

VFX Designer / Stop Motion Animator-  Mazda” CX - 7” Stop motion (TVC)  Prodigy Films (Sydney, Australia) 2009  Contact: Director: Dael Oates

Production Designer / Stop-motion Animator - Target “Colors” Stop motion (TVC) Prodigy Films (Sydney, Australia) Contact: Producer: Marge Mc Innes

Art Director / Designer - Ying Dong Media (Beijing & London) 2009  Contact: Executive Producer: Jean Chalopin

Freelance SFX Propmaker - “The Chaser (war on everything)” ABC Television (Sydney, Australia) 2008 Contact: Designer: Pablo Donnan

Freelance Propmaker - ” East West 101 (Series 2)” Knapman Wylde Television (Sydney, Australia) 2008  Contact: Designer: Tim Ferrier

Prop Master / Prosthetics Designer - “All Saints” Broadcast TV Drama Channel 7 (Sydney, Australia) 2007 Contact: Production designer: Ben Bangay

Designer & Standby Props - “Muscles – Ice cream” 35mm Music Video Rich Girl / Modular Records (Sydney, Australia) 2007 Contact: Director & Producer: Dael Oates

Freelance Visualization Artist - “Project – G” 35mm feature film Curious Pictures (New York, USA) 2007 Contact: Director: Michel Gondry

Tattoo Artist Internship - Assassin Tattoo Studio (Beijing, China) 2006 – 7  Contact: Senior Artist & Manager: Yang Peng

Interior Designer - Shelter Bar  (Kunming, China) 2006 Contact: Project Manager: Li Fan

Illustrator & Storyboarder - Telemetry Orchestra – Cherry tree Music Video, Animal Logic (Sydney, Australia) 2006 Contact: Director: Dael Oates

Set Dresser & Standby Props - “All Saints” (Broadcast TV Drama) Channel 7 (Sydney, Australia) 2006 Contact : Art Director : Ben Bangay

Inbetween Animator - Walt Disney Animation Australia - (Sydney, Australia) 2002 – 5   Contact: Head of Inbetweening: Michael Patterson   

The Lion King 3,  Brother Bear 2, Bambi 2,  Lilo and Stitch 2, The Three Musketeers, Jungle Book 2, Tarzan 2 .

VJ / Projection Artist - Welcome 2001 – John Digweed – Docklands Hardware Entertainment (Melbourne, Australia) 2000 - 2001 Contact : Stage Manager : Carlo Zeccola

Production Designer / Set Designer - Melbourne Fashion Festival “Opening Night Parade” Shed 14 Docklands  (Melbourne, Australia ) 1999 Contact: Festival Director: Robert Buckingham

Cinema Manager / Projectionist  Cinema Como & The George Cinemas, Palace Cinemas (Melbourne, Australia) 1999 -2002 Contact: National Operations Manager : Sam Di Pietro


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